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Fic: Faking It {Suga/Jin}

Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Pairing: Suga/Jin
Rating: T
Warnings: none
Word Count: 3,705.
A/N: Thanks to my beta ilivefororeos on AFF. All remaining mistakes are my own.
Summary: Jin needs a boyfriend for a couple of days.

“I need to talk to you,” Jin said one day.

“What is it?” Yoongi said, not looking up from the notebook in front of him. It was filled with scribbles and crossed out lines. He had been trying to write a song for the past few days, but the words didn’t fit and he couldn’t get it right. He sighed and ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

“So, I have an idea,” Jin started.

Yoongi looked at Jin, who was biting his bottom lip. “Oh, no,” he groaned.

He pouted. “You don’t even know what I am going to say.”

“I know that look, hyung,” Yoongi said. “And I also know that I won’t like this.”

“Just hear me out,” Jin said as he sat next to him. “So, you know that my brother’s wedding is next week, right?”

Yoongi nodded. He knew, just like everyone in the flat knew, because the day Jin’s brother decided to ask his girlfriend’s hand in marriage and she said yes, his brother had called Jin, who then proceeded to wake each member up to tell him the news. Yoongi was the first choice, as he was lucky enough to sleep in the same room with him.

Jin had shaken him awake, and Yoongi was about to cuss whoever had the guts to wake him up early on his free day when he saw Jin’s grin and the excited gleam in his eyes. That shut him up and he listened as Jin went on about his brother and that they were going to have a small wedding in their family’s house and how he was going to go a couple of days early to make sure everything was right because his brother was completely unreliable when it came to preparations.

“He is even worse than you guys,” he had said. Yoongi didn’t object, as he remembered Namjoon’s latest accident of breaking the window’s when Jin was gone for a couple of days. He briefly wondered what the hell they were going to do when he was gone.

“So you know I am going home tomorrow,” Jin said, snapping Yoongi out of his thoughts. “And, ah- I was talking to my mother yesterday and…well-” Jin took a deep breath. “I kind of told them that I am bringing a date to the wedding, and I might have mentioned you.”

Yoongi blinked. “What?”

"I- well, recently, my mother has been very interested in my love life," Jin said. "I think it's the whole wedding thing. She kept saying how she is worried that work is keeping me from searching for someone and that it was taking too much of my time and I just...” Jin shrugged meekly. “I just wanted to reassure her, I guess.”

“So you told her that we were together?”

Jin nodded, biting his bottom lip again. “When she asked me if you guys are coming, I said yes and that you are coming as my date.”

“So you want us to pretend to be together?”


“Oh.” He didn’t know what he expected, but that definitely wasn’t it.

“We don’t have to do anything, and it is just for a few days,” Jin said hurriedly, misreading Yoongi’s silence. “After that, I will call and say that we have broken up, but we are still good friends.”

“Your mother will hate me for breaking up with you,” Yoongi pointed out. He had met his mother a few times. She was one of the kindest people he had met, but also very protective of Jin. He dreaded her reaction.

“I will deal with it then,” he said. “Besides, she will forget about it soon enough.” Jin waved a hand dismissively. Yoongi doubted it.

“Why did you even pick me? Why didn’t you ask anyone out?”

“Because I don’t have anyone to ask out and I just didn’t have time to search,” he said. Yoongi thought that that exactly proved his mother’s point. “And the others would ruin it. Namjoon would be awkward. Tae, Jimin and Hoseok wouldn’t be able to stop giggling about it. And taking Jeongguk would be weird, I don’t think I would have been able to pull it off.” Jin sighed. “Please, Yoongi?”

Yoongi looked at Jin’s wide pleading eyes, and he knew he was fucked. He could never say no to Jin.

He sighed. Jin clapped his hands in victory.

“Thank you, Yoongi. This really means a lot,” Jin said, ruffling his hair amicably before standing up and walking towards their room.

Yoongi watched him go. When he had disappeared, his eyes landed on the paper again, inspiration suddenly hitting him.

* * *

“So,” Hoseok said as he slumped next to Yoongi on the couch. “I heard that someone has a date.”

Yoongi groaned. “Not you too, Hoseok.” It was 10 AM and already Jimin and Taehyung had teased him relentlessly about it. That was until he threatened to run after them if they didn’t stop. That shut them up and they ran away giggling, no doubt waking the other members up to tell them.

Hoseok laughed. “Why are you grumpy? This is like your dream.”

Yoongi glared at him, but Hoseok’s grin stayed. He was one of the few that didn’t get affected by anything that Yoongi tried to do.

Yoongi sighed. Why Jin had to say anything before he went inside to get dressed was beyond him.

“Oh cheer up, grumpy cat,” Hoseok said. “I think that this is good. Especially after what happened last time. It means that it is over and you can stop being so awkward about it. The rest of us here are tired of trying to get you to move the fuck on.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Only reason he chose me was because all of you would screw it up if you tried.”

“Nonsense.” Hoseok shook his hand dismissively. “Everyone knows that I would be the perfect boyfriend for him.”

Yoongi glared at him again, and Hoseok laughed. “Don’t be so possessive, hyung,” he said. “Especially when he isn’t yours yet.”

Yoongi heard the faint clicking of the bedroom door that signalled that Jin had finally finished dressing. He decided not to answer and
instead, he grabbed the pillow next to him and hit Hoseok with it repeatedly. Hoseok barely shielded himself, too busy laughing and trying not to fall on the ground, which made Yoongi hit him harder.

“I didn’t even leave yet and you two are already fighting,” Jin noted, shaking his head.

Yoongi stopped. Hoseok stood up and held Jin’s hands. “I don’t know how we are going to live without you, hyung,” he said dramatically.

“Namjoon would probably set the house on fire before the day ends.”

“He might actually do that,” Jeongguk agreed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The rest followed him.

Namjoon rolled his eyes. “I will try my best not to,” he solemnly swore, putting his hand on his chest.

“I will miss you, hyung,” Hoseok said, sniffing and wiping an invisible tear off his face.

Jin chuckled, wrapping his arms around Hoseok. “I will miss you too,” he murmured. “But I will only be away for two days. You guys are still coming on Friday, right?”

Yoongi nodded. One by one, the rest of the boys started to say their goodbyes to Jin. All of them hugged Jin, Jimin and Taehyung even giving him a kiss on the cheek. Finally, Jin turned towards him and it was Yoongi’s turn.

It suddenly dawned on him what he was expected to do. He bet it was one of the boys’ stupid plans. His eyes connected with Hoseok and sure enough, the bastard was grinning.

“Ah, well, I will see you soon, hyung,” he said, aware of everyone looking at them. He made a mental note to find creative ways to thank them later on.

They stood still for a moment until Jin smiled and opened his arms. Yoongi felt the tension in his shoulders loosen up and hugged Jin before Jin could change his mind.

Namjoon gave him a thumbs-up and Jeongguk was trying hard not to laugh. Yoongi gave them the middle finger.

He let go as soon as Jin did. “I will see you all soon,” Jin said, before making his way to the door and leaving.

As soon as Yoongi heard the front door clicking shut, he turned towards them.

“That was so cute,” Jimin cooed.

“I can’t wait to see what will happen at the wedding,” Namjoon said.

“Me either,” Tae agreed.

Yoongi glared at them. Jimin and Jeongguk were the first to run and Hoseok entered the bathroom and locked it before Yoongi could do anything.

It was okay. He could wait. After all, they had two days before they were going to the wedding.

* * *

“I am so glad you guys could make it,” Jin’s mother said, ruffling Jeongguk’s hair lightly. Jeongguk grinned and looked at the ground.

“Jin would have killed us if we had even thought about not coming,” Namjoon said.

“Yes, I would have,” Jin agreed as he approached them. He wrapped his arm around Yoongi’s shoulder. Hoseok smirked. Yoongi kept his eyes on Jin’s mother and tried to act natural.

Soon they were running around doing a last minute check that everything was perfect. It was a small private wedding that was going to take place in the family’s house since it was the largest one.

After checking up on everything. Yoongi went to his and Jin’s bedroom to wear his suit. He was trying, and failing, to adjust his tie when he spotted Miyoung walking towards him. “Need any help?”

“No, thanks, I got it,” he muttered.

“You know, Yoongi,” she said. “I wasn’t really surprised when Jin told me about his date."

Yoongi stopped. “What?”

"I kept telling his father that you two would end up together," she said. "I noticed a change in him after he moved to Seoul. I thought it was because he was finally getting used to being a singer and in the group, but I realised I was wrong when I met you." She smiled. "I'm just surprised that it didn't happen sooner."

"It took me a while to ask him out," Yoongi said. His mind fluttered briefly to the memory of his and Jin's kiss three weeks ago. There was a sudden squeeze at his chest, a catch of breath in his throat.

Jin had giggled as Yoongi closed the door quietly so he wouldn't wake up the others while still keeping an arm around a stumbling Jin.
It had been one of the few times that he had seen Jin truly wasted. Normally, Jin wouldn't drink that much at all, but that day something had been off and he wouldn't talk about it. So, Yoongi offered the next best thing: alcohol.

Yoongi made a shushing sound, which made Jin giggle all the more, trying to hide it behind his hand. Yoongi shook his head helplessly, a smile tugging at his lips; Jin sure was a happy drunk.

"You smell nice, Yoongi," Jin murmured.

"I'm sweaty," Yoongi stated.

Jin mumbled an incomprehensible reply and lay his head on Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi checked the living room and found it empty, the others no doubt tired of waiting for them and already in bed.

Suddenly, Jin looked up. Yoongi was about to say something when he realised how close they were. Their breaths mingled and Jin smiled, wide and lazy. Yoongi kept telling himself to step away, but the longer he looked at Jin's eyes, the harder it was for him to move.

Before Yoongi realised what he was doing, he had leaned in and kissed him. Jin froze. Yoongi's heartbeat sped in his chest and he kissed him harder. Jin tilted his head, threading his fingers in Yoongi's hair. His lips were warm against his, his fingers long as they explored around, tugging at his hair slightly and then wrapping themselves around his neck.

They broke apart, gasping for air. Jin was flushed, his cheeks rosy.

Then, Jin blinked, his eyes widening slightly as he seemed to realise what they had done.

"I- I am going to bed," Jin said and then he was out of the room before Yoongi could even react.
When Yoongi had opened the door of their bedroom, he saw Jin lying on his bed, his back to him. Yoongi had changed his clothes and silently slipped int his own bed.

When he had switched off the light, he could still see Jin's face in his mind, like a vivid afterglow.

Yoongi shook the memory out of his head. It had been weeks since that happened, but no matter what he did, he couldn't stop recalling every detail.

Despite everything and the days of awkwardness that followed that kiss, he couldn't bring himself to regret it. He often wondered what would have happened if they had kissed when Jin was sober. Would Jin have still played it off, said that he didn't mean it?

As if on cue, Jin spotted them and walked towards them. He was in a nice black suit without a tie.

"Oh, god," Jin said as he looked as Yoongi's tie. With a shake of his head, he started to fix it. Yoongi could feel his warm hands through the fabric. He smelled of soap and his regular addictive-smelling perfume.

Miyeong smiled. "Well, I will leave you guys to it. The wedding will start in a couple of minutes."

"Did she ask about anything?" Jin asked.

"No. Don't worry," Yoongi said, brushing the memory away. "I am a good actor."

* * *

Jin stood with his brother, Yoosun, at the altar. His hair was standing slightly at the edges from how many times he’d tried to fix it in the past ten minutes. Somehow it only made him more attractive and Yoongi found himself unable to look away.

Namjoon nudged him with his elbow and he turned around, watching as the bride, Jiyeon, walked down the aisle. She wore a long flowing
dress. When she finally stopped, Yoosun took her hand in his, smiling softly. The ceremony continued and then Yoosun asked Jiyeon for her hand in marriage.

Yoongi may or may not have noticed Jin brushing away a tear at that, but he knew that was something he wasn't ever going to tease him about.
* * *

After the ceremony and dinner, Yoongi, Jin and Jimin helped clear some tables to the side, and there was a large area in the garden that was used as a dance floor. There was a traditional first dance with the bride and groom, but after it, everyone soon joined in.

Jimin was humming the song currently playing when Jin joined them.

“Lovely wedding,” Taehyung said.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Jin beamed. “I am so happy for them.”

The rest of the boys then came, and Jimin kept trying to persuade Jeongguk to dance with him while Jeongguk looked around and said that he can’t dance in front of everyone like this.

Namjoon rolled his eyes. “As if it wasn’t your job to do it almost every day.” Hoseok snorted.

After a lot of negotiations, the maknae finally agreed and Jimin clasped his hand and dragged him towards the dance floor. Hoseok and Taehyung quickly followed and Namjoon went to get a drink.

Yoongi was about to say something when he spotted a man in the corner who was looking at them. Something about the way he did so rubbed Yoongi the wrong way.

“Who is that?” Yoongi asked.

“Oh, that’s my uncle,” Jin said. “He is…well, he isn’t used to it yet.”

Yoongi was just about to ask what Jin meant when he saw a look of disgust etched upon the man’s face. Yoongi smiled at him and
wrapped an arm around Jin, pulling him closer. Jin made a surprised noise but didn’t pull away.

“Don’t,” he said. “This is my brother’s wedding. I don’t want any trouble.”

“I’m not making any trouble. I’m just holding my boyfriend,” he said, and then he leaned toward Jin and kissed his cheek, savouring the feeling of his skin for a moment.

Jin bit his lips nervously.

“We are together, aren’t we?” Yoongi said, looking towards Jin’s uncle once more. “He just needs to grow the fuck up and get used to it.”

It occurred to him then that this wasn’t permanent, but Yoongi crushed the thought before it ruined his mood. He was going to enjoy this while it lasted.

The man scoffed and turned away. Yoongi smirked and noticed Jin's mother in the background. She smiled when she caught his eye and raised her glass to him. Yoongi raised his.

* * *

Jin walked with him around, introducing him to some of the family members. Yoongi smiled and made small talk, but for the most of the time stayed quiet, watching as Jin talked, his smile contagious to everyone around him. He may or may not have slipped his hand in Jin’s while they were talking. Jin looked at him briefly and smiled, intertwining their fingers.

He was just enjoying his drink as Jin went to talk to his mother when someone joined him.

"Aren't you going to ask him to dance?" Namjoon said.


“Who do you think? The guy you have been swooning over for the last couple of months.”

He looked at Jin again. “Do you think I should?” He asked quietly.

“I think it’s about bloody time you did something, hyung,” Namjoon stated.
Yoongi gathered up whatever courage he had and made his way towards where Jin was before he could change his mind.

“Do you want to dance?” He blurted out as soon as Jin turned around.

“Yoongi, you know I am a terrible dancer,” Jin said. He saw Jeongguk from the corner of his eyes. The maknae gave him a thumbs-up before running away, most likely to Jimin so they can figure out a way to tease him more.

“It’s okay. It’s a slow dance. Not even you can mess this up,” Yoongi remarked lightly.

Jin pouted. “Is this how you normally ask people to dance?”

“Pretty much.” He grinned. “Did it work?”

Jin rolled his eyes but took his hand.

There were already couples swaying slowly, including Yoosun and his new wife. The man smiled when he spotted them.

Yoongi put a hand on the small of Jin's back, pulling him close. Jin clasped their hands together.

“You know, this wedding wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be,” Yoongi noted.

“I am going to try and take that as a compliment,” Jin said.

Yoongi chuckled. “You should. You did a wonderful job.”

Jin smiled and rested his head on his shoulder.

They stayed silent for a while, enjoying the soft music. “Thank you, Yoongi,” he murmured, looking at him again. “I don't know what I would have done without you.”

Yoongi swallowed and looked up to stare at Seokjin—the way his smile could light up all the gloom in his heart. Without thinking, he leaned in and kissed him.

Jin froze for a moment and Yoongi’s heartbeat thundered in his ears. Then, Jin put his hand on Yoongi’s cheek, caressing it gently as he kissed him back.

When they broke apart, Jin's cheeks were flushed, his eyes sparkling and Yoongi was tempted to kiss him again.

His thoughts ran around in his head, trying to think of something to say. Being a songwriter, he had thought that he would come up with better words to confess his feelings.

“Took you long enough,” Jin breathed.

“W-what?” He blurted out.

Jin shook his head helplessly, a smile stretching his lips. “You really don’t get it yet?”

"Wait,” he said, as everything clicked into place in his head. “This whole thing. It was a plan?"

Jin bit his bottom lip and nodded.

“And everyone knew? Even your mum?”

“No, just the boys. I did need a date, and Hoseok suggested this.”

Yoongi really should have seen this coming. "I’m going to kill him," he declared.

Jin chuckled and gave him a small peck on the lips. Yoongi caught the eyes of a grinning Namjoon standing in the corner.

“Then, why didn’t you say anything earlier?” He asked. “Why did you act as if the kiss was nothing?”

“I don’t know. I...I freaked out,” Jin put a lock of hair behind his ear; a nervous habit that Yoongi often noticed. “I had just started to realise that I was gay, and kissing a guy, and you of all people...Well, I didn't want to ruin things between us.”

“Then, why didn't you talk to me about it?”

“I wasn't really okay with the idea at first because, well,” Jin waved a hand around him.

“Your family?”

Jin nodded. “Mum and Dad were okay with it, and so was my brother. The others…not so much. They are getting used to it, though. And I thought bringing a date would help,” he said. “I figured that this would shut them up about it being a phase.”

“So, you were using me,” Yoongi accused, but couldn’t help smiling when Jin flushed.

“I wanted to talk to you,” Jin said. “But I was awkward and I didn’t know how to bring it up. And you seemed like you were intent on pretending that nothing happened after what I said, so I figured I would make sure.”

“Don’t ever listen to Hoseok again, Jin. Please.”

Jin laughed. "Hey, it worked, didn't it?"

"Yes,” he confessed reluctantly. "But I still need to do something to him, though. He hasn’t stopped teasing me for the last couple of days. I thought I would never hear the end of it."

Jin chuckled and lay his head on his shoulder again. The song was drawing to a close.

“I…I wrote something, for you. A song.” Yoongi said. “It isn’t that good, because words haven’t been easy to find lately, but I-I want you to read it.”

Jin smiled, his eyes sparkling with excitement. “I would love to.”

That time, Yoongi didn’t stop himself from leaning in and capturing Jin’s lips with his own.

“I wanted to do this ever since I met you,” he murmured.
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